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Beginners beads #2. Gothic Lace Choker

This piece I made after the first necklace in my first blog. I like chokers but couldn’t find the ones I bought to wear. So I made my own.

The materials I used were, black lace trim from walmart,  black star beads, black small round beads and white beads. For the final touch I added a pendent with a cool tribal looking design.

 Now I know normally designers add whatever size beads they are but to be honest I don’t know.

Since this is only my second piece and second blog post im not all too sure on what else to say or post. So for now I’ll just tell you guys what it is and what it’s made out of. If you like what I made then excellent. Please let me know in comments or share my blog to get more traffic and more critics. That be great.


Beads, Jewelry

Beginners beads

My name is Christina and I have always like making things. I like art and writing. Making jewelry is something I have recently started. I’m a big noob when it comes to beading. I know nothing other than grab some wire and pliers and start putting beads on them. Of course I didn’t realize that there are patterns and stitches to learn to make a real beautiful piece. So as my first piece I made a simple black and white necklace. The beads came from a kit but the wire I obtained through a XMAS gift due to my interest in doing beading.

So I started with a silver wire and made a easy to look at pattern.

 Then in the middle I changed it up by adding more of the white beads and the oval white/black bead.

 Some day I hope to make more elaborate jewelry. So far I have subscribed to Bead and Button magazine to help me learn and get inspiration.

Until then this is my first blog and probably my only one for awhile. I need to increase my $$ to save up for more projects.

– Christina